Parimala Hariprasad – the curious tester carrying a special chip on her shoulder

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Parimala Hariprasad walks down a less travelled road with her head held high. Her confidence and the pride she takes in her work is reflected by her gait.

Parimala’s skill and talent has helped break the stereotype that women and technology do not go hand in hand. She has worked with corporates such as Oracle and McAfee and treaded the startup path post that. In her 11 years of testing career at corporates and startups, she has held leadership roles in various capacities. She lead testing teams at SupportSoft (acquired by Consona), co-founded Weekend Testing and headed Startup Test Lab & Academy at Moolya Testing.

Currently, she is the Delivery Director at PASS Technologies AG. Known by her online name – The Curious Tester – she is an exceptional woman. She is a hands on tester, is an active blogger and speaks in various public forums and mentors testing professionals too.

Know more about Parimala:

Comfortable in any setting and surrounding, she is always raring to go – her grit and determination shining through all that she does. For her red is life and represents all the emotions of life – danger, love, hate and compassion. If it were left to Parimala the whole world would be red!

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  1. Many Congratulations Pari, You are truly a great inspirational for all of us. Best of luck for upcoming future..

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