The 18 year old with a job offer from Vogue: Meet Sasha Jairam

Photography often evolves from a passion into a career but for this 18-year old, it was the opposite. She entered her academic career with photography as a subject in her schooling and then discovered a passion for it. Armed with the rare combination of talent and passion, she has carved an impressive niche for herself as a photographer to watch out for. Sasha Jairam is a watermark that is an increasingly customary feature in photographs everywhere, from Facebook pictures to magazine spreads.

Sasha Jairam
Sasha Jairam

“I didn’t really have a passion for photography”

“I didn’t really have a passion for photography when I started learning it as a subject in my school”, the recent high school graduate admits. But ever since, she has quickly honed her aptitude and now has a permanent job offer from Vogue UK, one of the giants of print media. Sasha describes finding this offer in her mailbox as her first big break. Photography has also provided her with learning experiences, “It has filled me with a lot of confidence and self-esteem”, she says.  Being self-sufficient at such a young age contributed to these feelings as her work gave her the opportunity to earn for herself. She buys all her equipment with money that she earns herself and a particular source of pride is the happiness her work gives her parents every day.


“Every photograph has a story behind it”

She is inspired every day by Karl Lagerfeld’s work, a photographer whose name is a staple in the fashion industry.  Sasha’s work is also focused on fashion and fine art photography. Her work is a reflection of her inspiration as she connects her work to his. The young photographer is already immersed in the fashion industry and has had her work featured Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar, amongst others. When asked if she has any words of wisdom to dispense for upcoming photographers, both older and young, she says “Just click pictures of whatever you find interesting because every moment has to be cherished and every photograph has a story behind it. She also says that her chosen field has provided her with numerous opportunities and the field is devoid of any form of prejudice.


On a closing note, she attributes her artistic talent to her mother whom she says was an artist but never practiced art. Moreover, she says that her mother is her main source of inspiration as well. We wish the young and able photographer the best of luck as she enters University this fall at London College of Fashion for fashion photography. For more information about her work, visit website.

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