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Breakthrough in banking: InvincibleMeta. ai unveils SaaS solution in banking metaverse

At the Global Fintech Festival in Mumbai, Gurgaon-based Invincible Ocean launched a breakthrough VR product that is set to revolutionise the banking industry.

Breakthrough in banking: InvincibleMeta. ai unveils SaaS solution in banking metaverse

Wednesday September 06, 2023,

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It took Indians some time to embrace digital banking. But it was only a matter of time before a large section of India’s population adopted technology, making the country a pioneer in the use of technology for banking needs.

From net banking to UPI, the banking sector has been open to innovative tools. Continuing the innovation trend in the banking sector, SaaS startup Invincible Ocean has launched a breakthrough product that brings digital onboarding journeys to life in the realm of Virtual Reality.

In a display of technological innovation and visionary leadership,, a brainchild of Invincible Ocean, took centre stage at the Global Fintech Festival held at the Jio Convention Centre in Mumbai. With the launch of its pioneering banking metaverse platform, InvincibleMeta has redefined the future of banking and ushered in a new era of immersive customer experiences.


The journey

A passion for technology led Ajay Setia, a seasoned entrepreneur, to launch Invincible ocean in 2021. The startup revolutionises onboarding processes through its user-friendly DIY platform and has clients such as Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Droom, Tata, and Growmo.

Invincible has introduced, with three distinct products: VRbank, VRRetail, and VRAuto. These offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs of the banking, retail, and automotive sectors, respectively.

Banking in the metaverse

At the heart of this innovation is integration of VR into banking services. It allows users to interact with their financial data, and engage in banking activities in an immersive and visually engaging VR environment.

Ajay described this innovation as more than just a visual upgrade.

“It's a transformative shift in the way financial institutions interact with customers. This immersive, data-rich, and AI-powered VR platform offers a glimpse into the future of banking, where the boundaries between physical and digital banking experiences blur, ultimately delivering a more engaging and personalised customer journey,” he said.

Here is how VRBank will revolutionise the banking experience:

  • Immersive engagement: Invincible's VR platform replaces 2D screens with a fully immersive 3D world, redefining the way users interact with financial data and making banking activities visually captivating and experientially engaging.
  • Data interaction: Pulling up interactive graphs and charts, users interact in real time with their financial data in a virtual landscape that bridges data and reality.
  • Multi-department banking: Invincible's VR allows banks to create multiple virtual branches, catering to specific services, enhancing personalisation and convenience.
  • Detailed customer analytics: By tracking user interactions within the VR environment, banks can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour. ,
  • AI-enabled data insights: At the heart of this innovation are Invincible's AI-enabled APIs. These APIs provide advanced data analysis capabilities, offering banks a deep understanding of customer preferences, spending patterns, and future financial needs. AI algorithms can also provide personalised recommendations, enhancing the customer's overall experience.
  • Security and evolution: Data security is a priority, and Invincible ensures it through encryption and multi-factor authentication. The platform is designed to evolve seamlessly with emerging VR technology.

The product is poised to make waves across industries, including banking and financial institutions, fintech companies, insurance companies, customer service, real estate, and the automotive sector.

A glimpse into the future

Invinciblemeta is committed to further enhancing and refining the existing VR banking experience.

“We want to continually push the boundaries of what's possible in terms of user engagement, security, and personalisation. We plan to introduce new features, such as AI-driven financial advisors within the VR environment, to provide users with even more valuable insights and assistance in managing their finances,” Ajay said.