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Women Entrepreneurship
For Entrepreneurs

Creating 5 million
job creators by 2025

Outcome based learning programs for the future-ready entrepreneurs

14+ Years of Impact

Enabling outcomes that matter in Entrepreneurship

Goal based, multi-language programs to solve real challenges entrepreneurs face
Any current and future entrepreneur solving difficult problems and looking to grow, with lasting values
Practical founder and expert led sessions, tools and templates to reduce time, and clear end outcomes

Panchatantra of entrepreneurship success

5 underlying entrepreneurship success principles

First-of-its-kind, practical, outcome focused, story-based learning program for future-ready entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. Based on 14 years of YourStory's journey in understanding entrepreneurship success

Who is this course for ?

Who is this course for ?


Existing Entrepreneurs

For giving you a headstart on the critical success factors in building a future-focused startup



For business and change leaders to acquire the entrepreneurial skills needed in leadership teams


Early stage Start ups

Sharpen your foundation and build right from the beginning with our practical course


outcome based learning

Practical learnings from successful entrepreneurs
Utilize the right growth strategies and tools
Get access to a high value founder's community

Panchatantra of Entrepreneurship - Women's Edition

Women entrepreneurs today just comprise 10% of India's Unicorns and receive less than 5% of funding. Let's together change the story for each woman entrepreneur aspiring to build better and to build big.

From Set up to Scale - Starting April 2023

In addition to the 5 underlying Panchatantra skills and to close the current network and funding gap, this special edition will help women entrepreneurs with:


Understanding the applicable and available Government Schemes.


A Funding specific masterclass focused on women entrepreneurs.

Vote Of Confidence

  • Bhavish Aggarwal

    Founder - Ola Cabs

    India can only grow when many people create businesses, and there is nobody better in India to enable entrepreneurs other than Shradha, which she has been doing for 10 years. I became an entrepreneur after reading about entrepreneurs on yourstory
  • Shri Narendra Modi

    Prime Minister

    I am glad that nowadays, we have many websites that tell us inspiring stories… tells us the success stories of young innovators and entrepreneurs beautifully
  • Frequently Asked Question

    Yes, you shall receive a certificate upon the successful completion of your course.

    Yes, there is a very small and affordable fee for each course. You may find out more on the individual course page here.

    Sorry to hear that! Please write to us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

    YourStory’s 14 years of journey as a catalyst in the startup ecosystem has taught us a lot about the real learnings in entrepreneurship. We are launching YourStory University to bring these learnings to every entrepreneur in the country. Our vision is to shorten the unknown roads that entrepreneurship takes us on. And to give very simple, practical, outcome-based solutions for the everyday challenges you face.

    You may write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.